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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

iPhone 5 plastic hard case cover

iPhone 5 Arrow Heart Semi-Transparent Slim Plastic Hard Case Cover
$4.84 http://www.budgetgadgets.com/-p-13504.html
Eight color options: white, black, pink, yellow, green, orange, red, blue.

When install a hard iPhone case cover, from the left side volume button place, first left, then right side. When get phone out, from the right side to take the case off.
It doesn't matter when it's a soft silicone or tpu, or soft plastic, the soft cases are usually very easy to use.

website http://budgetgadgets.com
facebook: http://facebook.com/budgetgadgets

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iPhone 4 4s case cover ultra thin transparent

video made by : http://www.youtube.com/shakymovie
Cheap ultra thin iPhone 4s cases, $1.28 for each, only 1$ when more than 10 pcs together, here to buy: http://www.budgetgadgets.com/-p-13102.html
iPhone iPod stand: $1.12 http://www.budgetgadgets.com/-p-8804.html

For the stand, Horizontally put the phone device on the stand for watching videos.

For the back case cover, from the left side to put it on, from the right side when get the phone out.

About video http://www.youtube.com/shakymovie
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JonasAmb

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

iPhone 5 Wallet Style Magnetic Hinge PU Leather Case Cover

iPhone 5 case cover: $6.85 http://bit.ly/SdeysO
camtasia studio 8
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iPhone 4 4s case cover ultra thin transparent

video made by : http://www.youtube.com/shakymovie
Cheap ultra thin iPhone 4s cases, $1.28 for each, only 1$ when more than 10 pcs together, here to buy: http://www.budgetgadgets.com/-p-13102.html
iPhone iPod stand: $1.12 http://www.budgetgadgets.com/-p-8804.html

For the stand, Horizontally put the phone device on the stand for watching videos.

For the back case cover, from the left side to put it on, from the right side when get the phone out.

About video http://www.youtube.com/shakymovie
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JonasAmb

iPhone plugs and home button sticker

Anti dust plug for iPhone iPod iPad, $1.55
Home button sticker $1.96, http://www.budgetgadgets.com/-p-9226.html
website: http://www.budgetgadgets.com
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Home button sticker
For iPhone, iPod, iPad, idevices.
Ten pattern options: animal face, monkey, birds, kitty, joking, square, skeleton, zebra, pentagram, spots, stripes,
keyword people searched:
home button sticker
iPhone home button sticker
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iPhone home screen button stickers

pictures to video edited in camtasia studio version 8, love 8 version :)
their site, http://www.techsmith.com

Budgetgadgets unboxing/review #1

Hey! Today i got an unboxing from budgetgadgets.com!
5% off code: shakymovie

iPhone 4/4S case: http://www.budgetgadgets.com/-p-13102.html
iPhone stand: http://www.budgetgadgets.com/-p-8804.html

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Check out my channel : http://www.youtube.com/shakymovie
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Monday, 24 September 2012

iPhone 5 plastic clip on hard case cover

iPhone 5 clip on two parts plastic hard case cover, 
$4.67 for each, search keyword, iPhone 5 case,http://www.budgetgadgets.com/advanced_search_result.php?perpage=50&keywor...

butterfly : http://www.budgetgadgets.com/-p-13578.html
big flower: http://www.budgetgadgets.com/-p-13577.html
heart: http://www.budgetgadgets.com/-p-13579.html
First fancy: http://www.budgetgadgets.com/-p-13574.html
Second small flower: http://www.budgetgadgets.com/-p-13575.html

Even cheaper when more than 3 pcs together.

5% off promotion discount code: budgetgadgets1
website: http://budgetgadgets.com
Any order, free shipping world wide.

Thanks for your support of budget gadgets.


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

BudgetGadgets | ZNOODA Portable Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Pack

In this video I unbox a $10 portable charger for mobile devices.
Portable Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Pack DS 1500                                                                     
Product Link - http://www.budgetgadgets.com/-p-10018.html
full Review: Coming Soon Budget Gadgets: www.youtube.com/budgetgadgets


How to track singpost registered articles (BudgetGadgets)

our site has singpost and HK post shipping: http://www.budgetgadgets.com 
This is about how to track singapore post.
Text tutorials below:
eg: this tracking number: RF089079698SG

SG is short for singpost

singpost website:

1 go to the singpost site,
2 find the "track item" icon on the top left side and click it
3 copy and paste your tracking number, which should begin with R and end with SG. then press "track item" the red button,
4 now it will show you the final satus of your article, just click on the tracking number, it will show the shipping details.

here is a screen shot of this education steps:

Many or all china online websites which use airmail shipping, singpost is one of the airmail shipping, then you can track your singpost package with a tracking number.
But make sure your tracking number is singpost first, there are others like Hongkong post, which can't be tracked on singpost.

Also, please note:
This kind of websites may couldn't update everyday, they only update some important status, eg: RF088773682SG

Status Date Status Description
(This is not an acknowledgment of the physical receipt of the stated Registered Article)
10-04-2012 Despatched to overseas (Country code: BE)
12-04-2012 Arrived at overseas (Country code: BE)
13-04-2012 Attempted Delivery (Country code: BE)
16-04-2012 Product Delivered (Country code: BE)

or this simple one: RF089079698SG

Status Date Status Description
13-04-2012 Despatched to overseas (Country code: GB)
17-04-2012 Arrived at overseas (Country code: GB)
24-04-2012 Product Delivered (Country code: GB)

p.s. "I can't really understand what it means that the status of "this isn't an acknowledgment of the physical receipt of the stated registered article".
But sure later you will find yes, the package has been on it's way of delivery.

If you know what it means, please tell me, thank you.

Check out our website:

Thanks for watching.

BTW, video recorded with camtasia studio, and music from their library.
check out them:

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

Silicone Hard Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy Note i9220 N7000

Silicone Hard Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy Note i9220 N7000
$7.78 http://www.budgetgadgets.com/combo-silicone-hard-case-cover-stand-samsung-gal...
Avalible 5 color options: white, black, purple, red, blue, peachblow.

website, http://www.budgetgadgets.com

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Monday, 17 September 2012

iPhone 5 dummy vs iPhone 4 dummy

iPhone 5 Dummy $14.77
white dummy: http://www.budgetgadgets.com/-p-13498.html
cheap iPhone 5 cases: http://www.budgetgadgets.com/products_new.php
How do you like the iPhone 5 ? 

The new version is thinner in depth/thickness but higher in length.
Here are the Dimmentions from wiki: 
iPhone 5 / New ------------------------ iPhone 4 /4s :
123.8 mm (4.87 in) H ------------115.2 mm (4.54 in) H
58.6 mm (2.31 in) W --------------58.66 mm (2.309 in) W
7.6 mm (0.30 in) D ------------------9.3 mm (0.37 in) D
weight: 112 g ------------------------137g / 140g (4s)

Related: iPhone 4 dummy: 
black: http://www.budgetgadgets.com/-p-7515.html
white: http://www.budgetgadgets.com/-p-7516.html

video edited with camtasia studio 8
their site: http://techsmith.com

Solar DIY toy windmill

search " solar DIY " , http://budgetgadgets.com
DIY 6 IN 1 Solar Power Educational Robot Kits
$5.25 http://www.budgetgadgets.com/solar-power-educational-robot-kits-p-12275.html
The windmill is fast rotating, but seems the pixels reason or something, the windmill don't look like have a quick speed, but yes, it does have a nice speed, works very good. 
ps. facebook: http://facebook.com/budgetgadgets


Friday, 14 September 2012

Review: Aluminum Alloy 7 port USB 2.0 HUB

This is a seven port USB hub that i bought from budgetgadgets.com for only $10. i need one for my imac and for $10, its well worth it. 
If you like and want this item, well here's the link:

(TEXT ONLY) 516-699-2502


Thursday, 13 September 2012

BudgetGadgets Review-Ipod Touch Leather Case

Awsome cheap case from budgetgadgets.com

Find the key easily with a plug socket

New Environmental Plastic Unplug Key Ring Keychain Socket
buy it here: http://www.budgetgadgets.com/environmental-plastic-unplug-ring-keychain-socke... , price: $4.94 With this key chain plug socket on the wall, it will be much easy to find your key. Price is cheaper when many pcs together. For the colors it's randomly sent out, but you can comment in the customer note place which color you prefer, we will try to send out the color you want. 

our facebook: http://facebook.com/budgetgadgets

Any order, free shipping world wide.
5% off coupon code for youtubers: budgetgadgets1
Enter the code on the bottom of the page when check out.

-- budget gadgets

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Monday, 10 September 2012

BudgetGadgets Cooling Pads Review

Click to Tweet: http://clicktotweet.com/fxmc9

Link to BudgetGadgets: http://www.budgetgadgets.com/index.php?ref=22730
Link To Product: http://www.budgetgadgets.com/-p-10992.html
5% off: iWithTech

In this video I review the 4pcs Rubber Pad Suction for Laptop Notebook Cooling Cooler from BudgetGadgets.com. This video gives my opinion on the product and my recommendations.

This product costs $2.47 and in my opinion is worth every penny. From my experience this has decreased my computers temperature by 12°C when rendering videos, which uses the most CPU power when I use my laptop. 

Follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com/iWithTech

Cheap ultra thin iPhone 4s cover 1.5$ free shipping

0.5mm Ultra-Thin Plastic Transparent Case Cover for iPhone 4/4S
only $1.50, five color options: transparent, gray, blue, pink, red,

website: http://budgetgadgets.com
keyword: ultra thin iphone 4 case
1.5$ with free shipping world wide.

video edited with camtasia studio 8 software

free youtube audio track music:
Happy and Happy Momentary Sound Action Instrumental 0:37

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Lovely USB flash drive


website: http://www.budgetgadgets.com
cool stylish USB flash drives

pictures to video through camtasia studio 8 
their site: http://techsmith.com
with camtasia studio theme and music from library


youtuber, http://www.youtube.com/user/therandomunboxer101
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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Budget Gadgets 50mW green "keychain" laser review

Review of Budget Gadget's 50mW green "keychain" laser pointer.

This laser can be bought here:

Rechargeable batteries can be bought here:

Battery charger can be bought here:


Review: Simple Design TPU Case for iPhone 4/4S

In this video I'll be doing the full review of the Simple Design Case from www.budgetgadgets.com

Link to product: http://www.budgetgadgets.com/simple-design-protective-back-case-cover-iphone-...

Review: Simple Design TPU Case for iPhone 4/4S

In this video I'll be doing the full review of the Simple Design Case from www.budgetgadgets.com

Link to product: http://www.budgetgadgets.com/simple-design-protective-back-case-cover-iphone-...

Review: Colorful Hardcase Stand for iPhone 4/4S

In today's video we have the review of the Hard Case stand for iPhone from www.budgetgadgets.com

Link to product: http://www.budgetgadgets.com/-p-12279.html


Monday, 3 September 2012

Uploaded videos (playlist)


In this video I'll be doing the full review of the Simple Design Case from www.budgetgadgets.com

Link to product: http://www.budgetgadgets.com/simple-design-protective-back-case-cover-iphone-...



REVIEW: BudgetGadget Bumper and Hard Plastic Case

Company Link:

iPhone Accessories:

iPhone Cases:

Cases In This Video:

Middle Hollow Silicone Case Cover for Apple iPhone 4 Bumper V1
Item ID: 7276

Protects your iPhone edge from scratches and damage.
Middle hollow design, easy to install.
Perfectly suit for your iPhone 4.
Allows full access to ports, sensors and dock in your iPhone.
Make of silicone. Soft and durable.
Reuseable and washable.
Anti-skip design. 



0.5mm Ultra-Thin Plastic Transparent Case Cover for iPhone 4/4S 

Item ID: 11036

Price: $1.50 

100% brand new and good quality
Ultra-thin and transparent design
protect your iPhone from scratches
Light weight
Allow full access to ports,sensors and dock in your iPhone
Easy to install with no tools needed

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