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Friday, 30 September 2011

Budget Gadgets Angry Birds iPad 2 Case Review

iPhone 4 bumper case (budgetgadgets)

ipod touch 4 case review (budgetgadgets)

Weird Budget Gadgets Unboxing

Gadget Unboxing - Budget Gadgets - acrezHD

Budgetgadgets.com unboxing

$5 Otterbox (Budgetgadgets)

Budgetgadgets | OtterBox | Unboxing

Fishbone case for iphone 4

Budget Gadgets Case Unboxing!!!

Is it a casette tape? Or a budgetgadget case

Budget Gadgets Dual Layer Case Review (CHEAP OTTERBOX ALTERNATIVE!)

Budget Gadgets iPod Touch 4G Case Review

Ultra Bright Keychain Flashlight - BudgetGadgets

iPod Touch Hard Case Cover - BudgetGadgets

iPhone 4 Combined 2 Piece Removable Hard Case Review

Budget Gadgets Unboxing

Budget Gadgets Unboxing

Videorecensione || BudgetGadgets.com Caricatore d'emergenza

Videorecensione || BudgetGadgets.com Caricatore d'emergenza

Budget Gadgets Unboxing

Budget Gadgets Unboxing

Budget Gadgets Unboxing

BudgetGadgets Unpackaging

Review: Mini Silicone Stand Holder For iPod/iPhone

Budgetgadgets.com Giveaway, Silicone Stand Holder 4 iPhone iPod touch (c...

Review of the Mini Silicone Stand Holder for iPod Touch and iPhone

Mini Microphone for iPhones, iPod Nanos, and iPod Touch's Review

Review of the Mini Silicone Stand Holder for iPod Touch and iPhone

Solar Powered Portable Charger Review iPod iPhone & iPad (BudgetGadgets....

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200mw laser at night with snow

iDevice Solar Charger & FM Transmitter Review - BudgetGadgets

OtterBox Commuter Look-Alike iPod Touch 4G (BudgetGadgets) (HD)

BudgetGadgets USB Wall Charger

BudgetGadgets Kopfhörerkabel-Aufrollhilfe - Review

review cassette case for iphone 4 from budgetgadgets

"Thumbies Review" Gaming Controller Buttons For iPhone iPad & iPod Touch...


Monday, 26 September 2011

Unboxing/Review: Portable Power Station for ALL Apple Products

Unboxing from Budgetgadgets !

BudgetGadgets USB Wall Charger

USB Wall Charger Adapter For Apple iPhone 4
USB AC Adapter Charge for iPhone 4
Offer fast, efficient charging at home or in the office
It works with any iPhone models with a dock connector
Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.15A
Output: 5V 1A


65*35*14mm, or 2.56*1.38*0.55in

Net Weight:

review by


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5% OFF : KillerzHD

how to add google analytics account

 Go to google analytics official site, log in your google account, then add the website you want to track the analytics, eg. my blog, http://freestufftime-youtube.blogspot.com/ , it will ask do you want to track only one domain. or both domain and it's sub domain statistics.
For me, I only choosed the single domain. Then it comes up a track code, which you should add to your website html codes, it tells all the steps to do it.


Try it now.
Next time, when you log in your google account, the google analytics tag will be in your account, then click it to your google analytics info.


I think a site with more Human things will go far

Recently I created an articlesbase account on their site.
And tried to submit an article many times, no less than 10 times, but finally still rejected.
I already decided I won't do it again.
Because if I wrote 10 articles, blog will allow me to publish 10 articles.
Why will I submit to a site which is so picky, seems they are the best site, I will just use my blogger.
Or some other popular social sites.

Well, I shouldn't complain about their site, maybe I am too stupid, even can't finish reading all their rules.
But so many limits make me annoying.

If you guys have any good suggestions, eg, social sites, like daily booth, or some new born sites that will be popular. please let me know, thank you ;)


Friday, 23 September 2011

How to Track my order on BudgetGadgets.com?

How to Track my order on BudgetGadgets.com?

First you can track your order with your email on http://www.budgetgadgets.com/ ,
to find whether your order has been sent out or not.

Second, if you have added the tracking number shipping,
which means you should have a tracking number.
Then track your order here after the package sent out:

a) Tracking number starts with R AND ends with HK (for example, RB305004104HK ),
please visit HongKong Post site for further details.
b) Tracking number starts with R AND ends with SG (for example, RF052061155SG ),
please visit Singapore Post site for further details.
c) Tracking number starts with E AND ends with CN (for example, EE484797066CN ),
please visit EMS site for further details.

My email: bella@budgetgadgets.com
Any questions about your order, customer service email :  orders@budgetgadgets.com


Thursday, 22 September 2011

How to Add dropshipping package with my order?

How to make budgetgadgets send a pacakge without their logo?

It's easy to make it.
Simply add dropshipping service on the page of your shopping cart content. In detail, add the product to your cart, then go to check out, on the check out page, there are some icons eg, remove one product, continue shopping, and check out icon. Under the product list, there is a line of words with a hyperlink, it's "add dropshipping service" 0.01$, it's a product page, ID : 8888 , http://www.budgetgadgets.com/-p-8888.html , so please add the item to your cart to. And if you don't want to add the dropshipping item, please at least leave a note to our customer service, simply as 'dropshipping" is ok.

Thanks for doing dropshipping with us.


How to make an order on BudgetGadgets.com?

How to make an order on BudgetGadgets?
For people who are new on BudgetGadgets.com .

If this is the first time you check out our site, here are some steps about how to make an order.

After you found the product that you wanna buy, beside the product, there is an icon "add to cart" , click the button. Then a page of your cart contents will appear, shows the item name, color also amount in your cart. Now the page enables you to do the actions including " remove an item from your cart", "continue shopping ", and "Check out" , mainly these 3 actions. Just choose the one you want to do.

Here are two ways to check out, one is simply check out by logging in your account on our site (the icon is on the right bottom corner of the cart info ), the other is checking out by directly going to paypal page without logging in your account on BudgetGadgets(the paypal icon is below the first icon "check out" ). They are almost the same, both will finally go to the paypal page. Well if you log in to your budgetgadgets account, you may get some BG points to use in the future.

And by the way, you may encounter the question " how to choose the shipping method on budgetgadgets".
Someone may be confused, " they said free shipping, but why still there are shipping charges"? please don't misunderstand the shipping options, you can simply choose the last option, 0$ is ok. but We will a ppreciate if you will choose the 3$ more to pay for the post office tracking number.
There are 3 options, 3$, 2$, 0. The 3$ more option is for a tracking number. The 2$ is registered, but still no tracking number service (if the package gets lost, you can ask for a reshippment with this option), 0 is the most common shipping, not registered, no tracking number. But even 0$ option, please rest assured, usually almost all packages will arrive smoothly, few may get lost during the international shipping.

Last, don't worry even if you don't have a paypal account, we have set a paypal page where you can create your paypal account in minutes, of course, there are also the option who already have paypal account, pay directly is ok.
Below is a youtube video about how to make an order on Budget Gadgets.

So, this is how to make an order on budgetgadgets.com.

Thanks for reading.


Dropshipping,How to get images without Watermark on BudgetGadgets?

How to get pics or images without watermark from BudgetGadgets.com ?

Sometimes, we want to do dropshipping with a online store or company.
So, what's dropshipping? For example, A have a store, B want to sell the products that A store sell, but don't want to stock the items, because maybe don't have enough budget or so. Then B can use A's product images and info in B's store, after his customer ordered something, B will ask A to send out the order directly to B's customers.

Does BudgetGadgets have dropshipping service?
Yes, we have prepared all images without watermark for dropshipping customers, but you may need to contact us first to get permission. Besides the pics of the product on our site, there are item name, ID, price, stock info, followed by the notice "get pics without watermark here". Click it, will leads you to the page show the following info:
" Sorry! You do not have permission to access this page!
If you are a Reseller/Wholesaler/eBay Seller/Online Retailer/DropShipping customers, please email us at:
info@budgetgadgets.com and we will upgrade your account once we get your request. "

Thanks for reading, please comment :)


How to create a Google search story?

create your own google search story icon
How to create a Google search story?

Go to the orginal search story site instead of the youtube channel of searchstories , because the youtube channel don't enable the functionality of "create your own " right now. Go here: https://searchstories-intl.appspot.com/en-us/
Find the "create your own icon", on the right side corner of a playing video, or avalible after a video finished. The "create your own " pic is on the right side.

create your own here to the page

After click "create your own", it enables you to enter your search items, for example " budget gadgets" , then choosing the type you want to see from the drop down menu, eg. web search, image, blog, and so on. When you enter the second line, there will be the first line preview below, after finished editing, it will preview the whole google search story video, you can also add some descriptions below uploading to youtube or change the descriptions after uploaded as you like.

I have added the "create your own" icon with the hyperlink to the page", create yours here.

Thanks for reading, please comment ;)


Does google search story still work for you?

Does google search story still work for you?

I used to make some google search stories on the youtube channel of " searchstories " . And I tried to make one on Sep 22nd, but couldn't make it any more. Well got an nice answer from yahoo questions and answers. Then found the original searchstories site . I was thinking maybe google disabled the functionality or something like that, but yes, they still have the google search stories site, where you can still make videos as before.

Other :
This is the yahoo question and answers:
This is the post where I found the original google search stories original site:

Check out google search stories and make your own stories video here:

Please comment whether this helps.

Thanks for reading.


What's youtube intro and youtube template?

Several months ago, when I was new on youtube working, sometimes I didn't understand so much what they mean by talking intro or BG. Well finally know that from a youtuber named as PreeminentDesignsHD .
The following is what he told me, I think that's really nice clear explaination, so I didn't decide to change his words.
" Well intro basically means the cool part in front of a video or when you go on to someones channel, its the cool thing you see right before videos that say the persons name, and something like there URL or "presents". A template is something you can get that allows you to edit it, such as a background, lets say you want to change the colors, but you cant casue you have a JPEG file. A template basically allows you to put some finishing touches after i make most of it (: hopefully that solves some of your questions (: "

And by me, BG is short for background, we can simply use a whole color as a background, but most will not think it's enough, because we want to make our channel the charming figure, so find ways to get a cool background. We can search in google with the content "youtube template", then will show many youtube template results, choose one to edit in your photoshop, then after editing, you can even save this as your template, cauze you may need it again when you want to reedit your youtube BG.

I do appreciate his nice explaination :) , and as time goes, I found that most youtubers are very kind to help you. So, if you have a question, don't hesitate to ask them, I think they will be happy to help if they can and have the time. Youtube is a big platform, where are all kinds of super people, if you want to get an answer, you will, like the internet.

Thanks for reading, best wishes ^_^


BudgetGadgets Affiliate Program, 5% commision

BudgetGadgets have an affiliate program, which enable people to earn money. It's 5% commision of sales from the affiliates' referrals. Totally free program to register. Well, a paypal account is neccessary to register an account. You can find the program on the left middle place of any page. Also you can find it from the bottom of the page, on the right corner, there are "earn money" tag, followed by some programs including BG points program, review program, affiliate program, extended BG points program, and so on. Click the affiliate program hyperlink, followed by the page with more details about the affiliate program. Here you can find the frequently asked questions. Is the affiliate program free to be part? Yes, totally free. How can I earn money? Post your ref link on some social networks. Like facebook, twitter, webs, blogger, metacafe, bizopper, classiefields free sites and so on. </br> How to find my refferal link? After you registered, when log in, the home page of the affiliate account is the summary of the your refferal information, something like how many clicks from your referral, how many sales, and the total sale amount, the commision rate, usually 5%, but sometimes the rate changes because of currency rate or some other reasons. The commision you earn, and how many was paid to your account. The referral link is under the summary info, it's a gerneral link to the homepage. And you can also create a product ref link. For example, if you think a product pic is easy to get attention than a banner, you can click on the left side, "create product link", then enter the product ID (every product have an ID number under the item title on the product page), create, it will show you a long html code. This is for product banner, you can copy part of the code, which includes the site link and your ref number, it should be like this budgetgadgets.com/.......ref=10...ID=8326, then post the ref link in your youtube descriptions or anywhere. Even if you dont' want others know this is a ref link, you can creat a google short link with your google account. Then post the referral link. Usually the owner will pay you by 3 months, because if the amount is too small, the transaction fee will seems higher. What's important is that I think this is almost the easist way to do a part time job, you needn't buy anything, needn't do anything, just register and post the refferal link. So, why not taking a look at the program, to earn some money?

Gadget Unboxing - Budget Gadgets - acrezHD

Cheap iDevice Cases BudgetGadgets

50mW Green Laser Handheld from BudgetGadgets

200mW Focusable Red Laser From BudgetGadgets

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Budget Gadgets Angry Birds iPad 2 Case Review

How To Make An Order On BudgetGadgets.com

How to add " facebook like box " to your blog?

How to add facebook like box to one's blogger, blogspot, or even other sites?
I find a facebook plugins page from the facebook platform.
Here it is:
On the page, it enables you to copy the html code of a like box or other plugins.
eg. when you choose like box plugin, it allows you to custom your own like box, First enter your facebook url, then set the width, and color (default as light, or can choose dark), then click the button "get code" , copys all the code.
Here on blog, find the tag "Design", and add html gadgets to the page, in the sidebar or on the bottom.
Of course, you can also add the code to your page design html codes.
But it's difficult to find where to put, I tried once, it comes to be that the like box appears under every post, which looks very annoying instead of helpful.

So, I think add a small gadget of facebook like box on the sidebar will be better than to the whole html codes.

Please comment whether this helps, best wishes.


Monday, 19 September 2011

test blogger new features of lightbox view of the pic hyperlink

This feature is automatically enabled for all blogs, which means you can see the lightbox view in action right now by clicking one of the images below.