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Monday, 26 September 2011

I think a site with more Human things will go far

Recently I created an articlesbase account on their site.
And tried to submit an article many times, no less than 10 times, but finally still rejected.
I already decided I won't do it again.
Because if I wrote 10 articles, blog will allow me to publish 10 articles.
Why will I submit to a site which is so picky, seems they are the best site, I will just use my blogger.
Or some other popular social sites.

Well, I shouldn't complain about their site, maybe I am too stupid, even can't finish reading all their rules.
But so many limits make me annoying.

If you guys have any good suggestions, eg, social sites, like daily booth, or some new born sites that will be popular. please let me know, thank you ;)


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