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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

How to add " facebook like box " to your blog?

How to add facebook like box to one's blogger, blogspot, or even other sites?
I find a facebook plugins page from the facebook platform.
Here it is:
On the page, it enables you to copy the html code of a like box or other plugins.
eg. when you choose like box plugin, it allows you to custom your own like box, First enter your facebook url, then set the width, and color (default as light, or can choose dark), then click the button "get code" , copys all the code.
Here on blog, find the tag "Design", and add html gadgets to the page, in the sidebar or on the bottom.
Of course, you can also add the code to your page design html codes.
But it's difficult to find where to put, I tried once, it comes to be that the like box appears under every post, which looks very annoying instead of helpful.

So, I think add a small gadget of facebook like box on the sidebar will be better than to the whole html codes.

Please comment whether this helps, best wishes.


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