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Thursday, 22 September 2011

How to create a Google search story?

create your own google search story icon
How to create a Google search story?

Go to the orginal search story site instead of the youtube channel of searchstories , because the youtube channel don't enable the functionality of "create your own " right now. Go here: https://searchstories-intl.appspot.com/en-us/
Find the "create your own icon", on the right side corner of a playing video, or avalible after a video finished. The "create your own " pic is on the right side.

create your own here to the page

After click "create your own", it enables you to enter your search items, for example " budget gadgets" , then choosing the type you want to see from the drop down menu, eg. web search, image, blog, and so on. When you enter the second line, there will be the first line preview below, after finished editing, it will preview the whole google search story video, you can also add some descriptions below uploading to youtube or change the descriptions after uploaded as you like.

I have added the "create your own" icon with the hyperlink to the page", create yours here.

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