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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

BudgetGadgets dropshipping: Get photos Without watermark here


website : http://www.budgetgadgets.com
This video is for all drop shipping customers of budgetgadgets.com. Thanks for your support to BG!! Hope you all great business :P

We have prepared all Pics without watermark for dropshipping customers, but you need to contact us first to get permission.
Besides the pics of the product on our site, there are item name, ID, price, stock info, followed by the notice "get pics without watermark here". Click it, will leads you to the page show the following info:

" Sorry! You do not have permission to access this page!
If you are a Reseller/Wholesaler/eBay Seller/Online Retailer/DropShipping customers, please email us at:
and we will upgrade your account once we get your request. "

Anything, feel free to contact me. my links:

Thanks for watching.

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