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Monday, 28 May 2012

BudgetGadgets: How to find my order history? I finished the payment.


website: http://www.budgetgadgets.com
BudgetGadgets.com order history:

BG: budgetgadgets.com
For the question " I finished the payment already, why can't I find my order history on budgetgadgets.com ?"

For regular procedure orders:
You can find your order history by this steps: First log in your BG account,
Second from the top of the page, in the pop out drop-down menus, click "order history", you will see all your orders details, including how much you paid and what's in your order.

Plus: What's the definition of "regular procedure orders"?
Regular procedure orders is the orders you made in this kind of steps:
The first step, you logged in your BG account, then add something to your cart, from the "cart content page", click "Checkout" and choose shipping method like 0$ or 3$ tracking option, then choose payment method, like "standard checkout" or "express checkout", then go to your paypal account to finish the payment, this is the normal regular procedure to make an order.
Please note this:
On the cart content page, there are two payment icons "Checkout" , and "Check out with paypal" , If you have a BG account, please make sure you are choosing the first "Checkout", this is for the convenience of your order history.
If it's a regular order in this way, you can easily find your order history from your BG account on the pop out menu of "my account" place.

Another payment method is a quick payment method:
Which means people don't want to have a BG account, for something like they don't want to get newsletters or just feel it waste time to register a BG account.
Then what they do?

Simply find a product and add to cart, on the cart contect page, they are "not logged in status", because they even don't have BG account, so they are not logged in.
Now, people choose the second icon "Check out with Paypal", where they directly skip to the paypal page from the cart content page.
This way, the con is : Some don't know how to find their order history, but yes, they can. But need one more step than the regular orders.

You know, they don't have their BG account:
But when they go to the paypal page from the cart content page, our systerm knows " uh, this email is one of our customers, this is recognized by the systerm.".
The systerm randomly generate a code for the email on our site, but we don't know what's the code. Now you also have an BG account, the email is your paypal email, but the code isn't your paypal code, it's a random number we don't know.
Now, if you want to see your order history, click "log in" page, the email is your paypal email, but the code is a random number so far, Note: this couldn't be your paypal code, don't enter your paypal code here.
Instead: You need to click "Password forgotten? Click here." , enter your paypal email, our systerm will send you a mail including a random number for you to log in, after log in, then you can change your password.
Now from the top "my account/order history" you can see your order history.


So, I mean if you have a BG account, be sure to log in your BG account first to make your order in the regular procedure, this is for the convenience to see your order history. Or even if you have BG account but you used the "check out with paypal" without logging in your BG account, how the systerm knows which BG account this order belongs to, it only knows this order is made by the paypal account. Then you still need to use your paypal email as BG account email, and ask the systerm to send you a random code to log in, where you can change your code and see your order history like a normal BG account.

The most important thing is :
As long as you finished your payment on your BG order, please rest assured we will send out your order. For the above text paragraphs, is for you if you are worring about whether we see your order, or you forgot what you bought, then go to have a look there in the order history.

Thanks for all your support to BudgetGadgets.com.

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