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Thursday, 14 June 2012

About flixpress.com youtube intro templates

As youtube is popular site, so there are many other sites associated with youtube.
This flixpress website have templates that you can add to the beginning of your videos, called youtube intro, video intro, like an ad thing, in which you can have a brief introduction of your channel, telling what's your channel usually talk about. Of course you can record a short video like 5 seconds, I do think do it yourself DIY is the best, talk what your channel is about, like "welcome to my channel eg:BudgetGadgets, on this channel I will have kinds of unboxings and reviews, most tech related. " rememember this: don't make the youtube intro too long, people won't be glad to watch a long ad, I think 5 seconds is perfect. Then later whenever you have a new video to upload, you can add your intro, combine the two videos to one and then upload. So, this is a simple explaination about "what's youtube intro means" .

Now, about flixpress.com ,
As I refered, it's better to do the youtube intro yourself, but if you are lazy, or just don't know how to design your intro, don't what to say in DIY intro, you may want to try this site, flixpress.com .
At the very beginng, when I first know their site, seems their templates are all free, I tried many templates, almost all.
Here is my first test of the website flixpress.com box template. This video get more than 1300 views, the first video is also the best flixpress video on my channel, which get so many views, while other flixpress videos didn't get so many as the first one.

As time goes, flixpress added more and more templates to their site, we know that to keep a website, they do need spend time and work on it, so they had the pay program, called pro. I understand this, like youtube, a free website should get money to keep the site going longer, they also need staff and time to keep the site, so they have the ad program now.
And then one day, I find the box template was charged 1$, but after a time, it changed to free again, maybe it's because not many people interested in this one, but I do think this one is perfect, add a image, they said piexls more than 400x300 is better, seems I used the 600x400 logo to the video, don't remember so clearly now. You can try the a size then check whether it fits, if not, change a little the size with photoshop software. I remember all the templates image size is the same.
For the paid template, they are sure better than the free ones, but as long as you find one template suits your channel, it's nice, isn't it? hahaa 

In case you are only interested in the free template, here are the steps about how to find the free templates on there site, flixpress.com .
this is the link to the automated template page, you can also find this page from the top bar "automated template" tag.

Then on this page, sort by "Lowest PriceFirst"  , you will see all the free templates first, check it out :)

Thanks for reading.

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