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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Earn BG points on Budget Gadgets easily!



Many youtubers want to get products for review.
Easy to make it now!
We provide a new way to earn BG points recently. 

What's BG points?

BG points is money on BudgetGadgets.

How to make it?

Post any reviews, comments, threads or your shopping experience about us on some sites, 
like forum, blog site, review site, news sites, deal sites.

Then submit the post link, you will get BG points to use if your post approved.

check more details here:


How much can you earn for each post?
100 to 1000 BG points per post.
100 BG points is equal to one dollar on Budget Gadgets.com.
The given amount of points is based on your post's informativeness, 
readability, length, relevance and popularity. 


We don't pay money, we pay BG points for your post, which means you can only use on our site.
But I think there must be something that you need in our site.

By the way, if possible, please go to this site to help rate our site BudgetGadgets:

Thanks for your help, best wishes!


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