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Monday, 11 June 2012

Budget Gadgets Review


des: video made by www.youtube.com/MrTYBOW99

Control you Apple Device far away with the Wireless Remote Contol fromhttp://www.Budgetgadgets.com You can pick one of these of for $5 USD and Like always FREE SHIPPING!! For the full written review check out my WEBSITE- http://www.radicalproductionz.weebly.com

remote controll:

Brand new wireless remote control for iPod
Compatible with all iPod models (photo, nano, video, and mini) except iPod shuffle
Control a variety of iPod functions. Perfect for stereos.
Press to go to the next song.
Press and hold to fast-forward.
Press to go to the previous song.
Press and hold to rewind.
Volume Up/Down
Press to adjust the volume.
Press to play or pause the highlighted song.

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