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Sunday, 19 May 2013

58mm IR 760nm Infrared Infra-Red Lens Filter

58mm IR 760nm Infrared Infra-Red Lens Filter

Shooting under infrared light source is Infrared photography
The infrared wavelength used in infrared photography is 700-1300nm
Infrared ray can penetrate smoke dust and the mist
So use a Infrared filter can get clear scenery image in the longshot or highaltitude photography
Four Common infrared filter:720nm,760nm,850nm,950nm
720nm allow little visible light and have a relatively obvious infrared effect
Shutter time relatively long,do not need to change the device just add exposure time,suitable for style landscape photography
760nm can filter all visible light,have a more obvious infrared effect
Shutter time relatively long,suitable for indoor and cloudy outdoor
do not need to change the device just add exposure time
850nm can filter all visible light,Pure infrared photography,
950nm can filter all visible light,have the most obvious infrared effect
It looks dramatically diffrent in infrared photography with the real world
Different infrared filter for different condition
720nm mainly used on no infrared function digital camera(or infrared camera not on infrared shooting mode)
760nm suitable for indoor and weak light use:theatre,mall
indoor,exhibition,and etc
850nm suitable for outdoor cloudy,sunny sunshine shady spot or sunny
indoor by the window
950nm suitable for summer sunny sunshine outdoor:beach,parking lot
or scenic spot
Package Including:
1 * 58mm IR 760nm Infrared Infra-Red Lens Filter

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