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Sunday, 26 May 2013

New Magnet Eye Care Health Beauty Electric Massager Remove Fatigue

New Magnet Eye Care Health Beauty Electric Massager Remove Fatigue
Prevent Myopia,Beautify Eyes
Prevent and cure computer eyes Syndrome
Restrain neurasthenic and insomnia
Remove eye fatigue
Use it three times every day,3-5 minutes every time
It enhances blood and micro-circulation around the eyes,increase tissue Oxygen uptake
thus invigorating and revitalizing the optic nerve cells, activating key body enzymes to restoring ciliary capability
Giving you clear and sharp vision
Use it every day,bring you bright vision
Theoretical basis:
Biological magnetism science Research and Clinical studies have proven that magnetic field can have great effect on human body's tissue, organs,nervous system,biological enzyme and biological magnetic field,in the form of physical energy while applied on specialised acupuncture points,can activate the tissue of cells,enlarge the blood capillaries and raise the level of Oxygen supply, as well as improve the nutrition state of the cells,balance the self-disciplined nerves.
It results in many kinds of medical and health-care effects.Applying the above theory and combining the curing theory of channel acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine this product uses both the magnetic and medical acupuncture to activate the important acupuncture points around the eyes and harmonise the blood Qi.Thus to improve the adjusting function of the eyes muscles, eye nerves and reach the purpose of curing near-sightedness and wrinkles and many kinds of eye-concerning diseases
Instruction for use
1.Connect the adaptor or put the batteries inside,press "on"switch,the product will work ordinally and repeatedly from Function 1to Function 9.Strong massager-Moderate Massager-Soft Massager-Knead-Soft Knead-Moderate Knead-Strong beat-Soft beat-Moderate beat
2.If press "on/off"switch again,it will stop working.
3.Press "function code"each time,it will work according to your each choice from 1-9,they are Strong massager-Moderate Massager-Soft Massager-Knead-Soft Knead-Moderate Knead-Strong beat-Soft beat-Moderate beat.
4.Press "timer",3 minutes or 5 minutes as option to set your using time.
Package Including:
1 * New Magnet Eye Care Health Beauty Electric Massager Remove Fatigue
1 * English Manual

Item ID:    12401 
Quantity3+ 5+ 10+ Wholesale
Price Each$13.09$12.92$12.39Ask
You Save7%8%12%Ask
Product link: http://www.budgetgadgets.com/-p-12401.html

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