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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Electric Soldering Iron Solder Pump Removal Sucker 842C 220V 30W

Electric Soldering Iron Solder Pump Removal Sucker 842C 220V 30W

Electric heating dual purpose solder sucker
NO.842C has the artistic appearance, novel structure, easy to operate, attracts the tin cleanly, etc
You can replace the component conveniently from the line board, and no damage of line board and component
For the replacement integrated circuit, and more prominent teach merits To be common electric iron use, is the national defense, the scientific research, the communication, the computer, the broadcast, the television, the electron specialized servicemen and general radio amateur's necessary tool
Use Method: 
Working Voltage: 220V, 50Hz 30W
Connect the power source, preheating for 3-5 minutes
Push down the piston handle catches, point the solder sucker mouth to the soldered dot of component, after the soldering tin dissolve, press the located button, the soldering tin namely is drawn in the air pump
When doing the welding, the same method with using the soldering iron, push the solder piston rod, pull out stored tin pump, make the located button and tin pump separated, clean up the tin dregs in the stored tin pump
Revolve the sucked mouth clockwise, then the sucked mouth will be unloaded

285x28x28 mm, or 11.22x1.10x1.10 in
Net Weight:
201g, or 7.09oz
Tip Length:
87mm, or 3.42in
Power Cable Length:
1885mm, or 74.21in
Test Cable Length:
1690mm, or 66.53in
220V, 50Hz 30W

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