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Friday, 13 July 2012

Auto Rolling Globe Moving Plane Toy Coin Saving Box from BudgetGadgets.c...


It sells only $14.81 at BudgetGadgets.com 
Are you happy? Press the button! It's rolling will take you playmate and your friends more laugh!
Are you not happy? Press the button! It's rolling will relax yourself!

Stress Relief Gift is definitely approved as a method for expressing your mood when you desperately want to choke.
Infinitely reusable and be a must for most of us!!!

Magnet setting is designed inside the globe as ON-OFF switch function, with engine and cone, IC lighting circuit boards and motors.

To have fun, place the plane along the equator line, the globe will automatically rotate with music and flash light. To stop it just removes the plane. What's more, when coins full in your package, you can buy this toy to save them. Twist to open the base screws, the base with coins can be much more stable.

A neat and safe toy for children and a good gift for your playmate

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