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Saturday, 28 July 2012

where can i buy cheap iphone cases?

Most people may already know the ebay platform.
Well, there are also many other China independent websites where you can find cheap affordable gadgets in ur budget.

Some cheap iPhone 4 cases that have good rates on budgetgadgets.com.
bg has any order free shipping worldwide service, so u needn't to worry about the shipping fee if only buy a little gadget.
Check out if you are interested.

The first one, perforated fishbone back case cover for iPhone 4
Only $1.61 , even less than 2$ with free shipping.
Click Here if u wanna check it out:

Second case:

Crystal Clear Hard Case Cover for Apple iPhone 4

A very simple back cover, the crystal transparent design is very cool, just for easy simple people who don't like that much designs, but just want a protector, this is the best cheap iphone 4 case for your choice, also let the iPhone 4 appreance exposed outside.

Click Here if you wanna check out this crystal case.

Third one:

Simple Design TPU Protective Back Case Cover for iPhone 4
it's only $2.65  with free shipping.

In my opinion, this is the best case ever
Silicone is easy to get dust, hard cases may cauz scraches, but the soft TPU material is the middle, the best.
Click here if u like this TPU case.

Fourth is a bumper

I think bumper isn't so protective as cases, but some people just like bumpers, they can get screen protectors on and then bumper frame.
it's about $3.34 , many colors to choose.

Click here to go to the page.


a clip on electroplate case cover, full protective

I like this case very much because of the transparent plastic electroplate circle for app log.

It's $3.85 with free shipping .

Click here if wanna get one.

KKKK, today, just stop here, talk more good cheap cases next time.

Check out budget gadgets to have something interested.

Not everything is very good, but check customers rate written reviews before you wanna buy something.

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