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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Jumping light of ivipid.com and what I think

Just an update of the experience of ivipid.com .
I said in one of my previous post that the first time I visit ivipid.com , after I registered the site, when I was to use the video template to make the jumping light intro, it told me there were too many loads the moment, couldn't serve free users to make videos, so I left with some bad mood and feeling about the site.
And today, I just tried their jumping light, because I don't want to register an account but did nothing with that, so tried the only template I am interested in.
So, here is the video:

For free users, you can share the video through youtube, facebook, twitter, but couldn't download the video. That's fine with me, I didn't decide to download it.
But flixpress has the free download service also the share feature, so flixpress will meet more people's request.
This jumping light intro is much different from flixpress.com youtube intro templates, it's kind of funny like a movie or so, it's nice but I think not so good for youtubers intro. 
I personally think if you want to make free youtube intros, just go to flixpress.com to try their intros, there are many different kinds of intros, for tech people, for music people, for show, for game people youtuber intro, for friends, for holidays, many kinds of intros for special youtubers. 
Also some templates with 1$ 2$ 3$ charge, but they sometimes do promotion to give free credit code to help promote their intros, like not long ago, they have the 5$ promotion code for about three days or so, many people get that chance to try their paid templates. What's more, when they have a new template, the first 200 people can have free test of the template.

So, what I want to say is flixpress.com is your nice choice to have free youtube intros, try their automated template or Pro templates .

Thanks for reading.

East China

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