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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Definitely go to Flixpress to make cool free youtube intros

My experence with vipid me website and some thoughts.
Recently I got to know vipid me from a facebook page.
Flixpress.com is doing promotion on their site, the 5$ promotion code is great.
And someone else posted "flixpress is much better than vipid me"  , his post means vipid me may also can make free youtube intros.
So I was wondering how this site works, so registered their site.
But i would never think that the first time I use their site, it says "sorry, you can't create intros because our site have big serve load right now, creating intro not avalible for free users, you can try to make free intro again later."  LoL ,thats' like a joke, I never met a site before which says they can only provide paid users to make paid template because of the high load, which means not avalible for free trial peep. Somehow reget a little, as this is a poor experience with a site.

So, I definitley sure one thing, Flixpress is the best website to make free youtube intros, they have many free automated templates which you can make awesome youtube intros of your channel. I have made many flixpress intros on my three channels, many of them are really awesome.
The reason why I check vipid me is something like want to try a new site to see how it works, but I am wrong, no doubt, flixpress is the best place you should go.

But yeah, maybe it's just an coincidence that the vipid me didn't work the first time I use it, but that's poor they only tell me that after I registerd.

Haha, but yeah, I am still interested in one of their intro template, vipid me just the jump lamp looks cool, I will try their site again tomorrow to see whether theri server load problem solved ;/
But like I said, I like flixpress very much, I am just trying this new site, will still like flixpress the best, they always have very many cool templates.
I have never met a problem with their site, they have so many templates to choose, and very good website designs and service, no matter charged template or free templates, all works great.

check out flixpress to make very cool free youtube intros :
and they usually have promotions activities, like first 150 users of their new paid templates will get a try for free, so yeah, which means even the charged template, you can have them a try for free if you pay much attention on their facebook.
Flixpress recently made a promotion for one week, 5$ promotion code only for likers of their facebook. but it will end soon, end on July 19th, 2012.
here is their facebook page:

Thanks for reading. 
check out flixpress.com

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