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Saturday, 7 July 2012

BudgetGadgets affiliate program Refferals


Check out : http://www.budgetgadgets.com/

The affiliate program is totally free.
But you may need a paypal account to register a ref account.

Find the affiliate program on the left middle of the page.
You can also find it on the right bottom of the page, below the tag "make money with us".

For example, my ref number is ref=10.
you can find it in your affiliate account any place if there is the words "ref=" in any links.

then your ref link can be as below:

You can also "Build product link" yourself,
for example, the ipod touch grid case, ID 7976

There are many tags in affiliate account:

Affiliate Summary:

Impressions: [?] Visits: [?]
Transactions: [?] Conversion: [?]
Sales Amount: [?] Sales Average: [?]
Clickthrough Rate: [?] Pay Per Sale Rate: [?]
Commission Rate: [?] Commission: [?]


And you can find this info when you log in your affiliate account from the left middle of the page.

Because we have also set affiliate for all customers,
the difference is when you log in as a customer, you can't see the affiliate summary.
but if you log in from the affiliate program, you can see the summary when log in.

How affiliate program works?

You can post the ref link in the descriptions of your youtube video.
Or post on blog.
Sometimes, post a banner picture with your ref link will be better.
Because people have more feelings on a photo or Pic than a simple text link.

other places:
like facebook, twitter, tumblr, yolasite, weebs, forum, qtellnet, bizopper,

Note, the person have to have enabled their cookies functionality,
then when they buy something, our systerm will record the clicks and sales in your account.
Because if there isn't the browse history, when the person who click from your link buy on the second day, our site can't record in your ref account then.

Want to know more details about affiliate program?
check : http://www.budgetgadgets.com/info.php?sub=Affiliates_Program

Do appreciate your help, hope you can make money with us.

Thanks for watching ^_^


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